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Years ago the water is relatively clean, with increasing industrial pollution intensifies, iron pipe and galvanized pipe conduit use of time, increasing the water is not clean; some tap water pollution, such as heavy metals outbreak there will be a process of accumulation to a certain amount of time will bring the body of disease; harmful substances in tap water naked eye can not see,can be used to check the quality of presentations.

1zplay电竞比分 According to the International Water experts, activated carbon adsorption filter is the best natural materials. Almost all water purifiers, activated charcoal should be used. If you do not use charcoal, whether declared filtration precision high, the water's taste will be discounted. Granular activated carbon, powdered activated carbon rods and three, the first two low-cost, but often do not completely filter, which is a safer choice, you can be 100% totally filtered and purified water activated carbon can be drinkable.

Water purifier filter must remember to replace, or likely to cause blockage and the secondary pollution. And it will clog the filter is a good filter, this also shows that the water purifier really works. Market claims 3-5 years do not change the filter, often exaggerated. There are also some water will add a magnetic filter (to increase the water activity, adjusting the PH value),softening (removal of calcium and magnesium ions) and other filtration step, however, there will be a small number of patients should not be used when buying the best advice shopping guide staff.