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Jinan pressure boiler displays the fault is a fault, to look at the pressure gauge is not a lack of water pressure, if not enough, make up water will be solved; followed the instructions to find out about the water pressure switch,pressure switch is not defective , the power cord may be two pressure switch docking.
2、济南壁挂炉http://cnhack8.com/点不着火时,要看是不是没有天然气了,是不是阀门被关上了;点火和天然气、点火针、燃烧的空气有关系。检查点火针是不是点火的位置 有偏差或者是点火针的电极有漏电,导致电火花点不着火。
Jinan point does not fire when the fireplace, look no natural gas is not, is not the valve is closed; ignition and gas, firing pin, the combustion air has a relationship. Check the firing pin is not the position of the ignition or ignition pin biased electrode leakage, resulting in a spark point does not fire.
Jinan boiler pressure failure was mainly fan, pressure switch, smoke pipe caused more, you can look at the smoke pipe is not a blockage, is not a strong wind, you can clean up after the smoke pipe and press the reset button, such as the wind stops settlement; then check the air pressure switch, check the air pressure switch method is two power line pressure switch butt, to see whether they can be normal.
4、济南壁挂炉http://cnhack8.com/过热故障也是常见故障,其原因大多是系统阻力太大和水泵故障造成的。先检查水泵,水泵不转动,可以直接造成高温故障,可以看温度的变换,如果温度不变 或者很小浮动就有可能是水泵故障造成的,打开水泵的一字螺丝,用平口螺丝刀转动中间的转轴直到能轻松转动为止。
Jinan boiler overheating fault is common fault, the reason most of the system too much resistance and pump failure. Check the water pump, the pump does not rotate, can cause temperature fault directly, you can see the transformation

1zplay电竞比分 temperature, if the temperature is constant or there may be a small floating pump failure caused by open slotted screw pumps, rotating in the middle with a flat-blade screwdriver shaft until you can easily turn.